About Harvest Connect

History / Business Strategy

At Harvest Connect, situated on the magnificent Hawkesbury River about an hours drive North of the Sydney CBD, we grow our own premium grade oysters using the most up to date and environmentally friendly farming methods.

The product is farmed and processed in accordance with the NSW Food Authority ‘Shellfish Quality Assurance’ program. Our food safety plan is subject to regular auditing by the Authority thereby maintaining and upholding food quality and food safety.

Just like a regular farmer relies on good land and nutrient soil to grow the most plump, luscious strawberrys or endless crops of pumpkin or watermelon, so too is the foundation of our farm, however out near the ocean! Our main harvest areas (which are all quality assured) on the river are located at Coba, Marra Marra, Porto Bay and Mullet Creek. All these locations serve different purposes in cultivating one mighty fine oyster. Additionally we source the best available product from our associates in the Broken Bay Oyster Association.

To supplement our product range we also seek out the best available product from other growing areas such as Camden Haven and Port Stephens to the North and the Clyde and Shoalhaven Rivers, Merrimbula and Wonboyn Lakes to the South.

At times we will also be offering Tasmanian and South Australian Pacific oysters from well-respected quality assured growers.


 What makes our oysters different? (from what you buy in the supermarket)

Pulled to order, culled to ensure proper size, and shape, Harvest Connect oysters are super fresh, mouth watering, with a variety of subtle flavours, which reflect the various growing habitats.

Just as good wines have their own unique “Terroir”, we at Harvest Connect are becoming more and more aware of each growing areas unique “Terroir” equivalent.

We highly recommend that you buy live (i.e. unopened) oysters and open them yourself. To find out “How to open” Please refer to this website under “Frequently asked questions.”

Oyster lovers will immediately notice the greatly enhanced flavour and texture of an oyster, which is shucked by you, and then enjoyed as soon after opening as possible. If opening your own oysters isn’t for you, see our range of product offerings of freshly shucked oysters.


Our Team

Headed up by Denis Christie, formerly known as the head guy at “Christies Seafood’s” in the world famous Sydney Fish Markets the support team comprises farming, processing and marketing specialists. Between us we have over 50 years experience across these specialties.