How to shuck (open) an oyster

  1. Place oyster in a suitable cloth, cup side down, with the hinge end pointed towards you.
  2. While holding the oyster down firmly with your hand, press the point of your oyster knife firmly into the hinge, twisting the knife. Keep the hand supporting the oyster away from the blade’s path to avoid cuts. The top shell should pop open.
  3. Cut the upper adductor muscle by sliding the knife between the shell and the meat at 2 o’clock position. Be sure to keep the blade pressed up against the inner top surface of the upper shell, otherwise you’ll risk cutting the oyster meat itself.
  4. Remove the top shell
  5. Carefully move the knife under the meat to cut the bottom adductor muscle. Remove shell fragments and if necessary rince very minimally in cold water. Try to avoid rinsing altogether as this causes much loss of flavour.
  6. Once opened, oysters on the half shell should be put on ice to keep them until they are consumed.

We don’t recommend that young children shuck oysters … it’s just too easy for them to cut themselves.