Sustainability and Farming

At Harvest Connect we understand that more and more people care about where the food they consume comes from.

Growing Methods

Our oysters are grown to exacting standards using cutting-edge open water aquaculture methods. Naturally grown with negligible environmental impact using mainly recycled plastic oyster baskets / trays and plastic coated timber infrastructure (avoiding the old use of tarred timbers). Our oysters are from pristine, low stocking density, estuarine environments and many of our leases are in national parks.

Cleaner Water

Our Quality Assurance Program demands that we eliminate any risk from prevailing water pollutants. To achieve this we are required to cease harvesting as soon as 30mm of rain is recorded at the harvest site and we cannot re open until the appropriate water sample tests are done and given the all clear by our independent laboratory. This Quality Assurance Program costs our association $45,000.00 per annum.